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Fleeting Marvels

2022, 04:34, live action and 2D computer animation, HD digital file, 16:9, stereo


 2011, 00:18, 2-D computer animation, digital file


1985, 4 min., drawings on paper, 16mm, digital file

Utopia Parkway

1997, 5 minutes, drawings on paper, sculptures and glass, 35 mm and DVD

Times Square

1986, 4 min., 2D computer animation,16mm, not released

Surface Dive

2000, 7.5 minutes, 1.85:1 sound: Dolby Digital

Streetcar Named Perspire

2007, 06:23, BetaSP and DVD, 1.85:1, stereo, 2D computer animation

Split Ends

2013, 03:33, HD digital file, DVD, 16:9, stereo and 5.1, 2D computer animation


1989, 8 min., 16mm, drawings on index cards and puppet animation

Rumpy Pumpy

2013, 01:47, 2D computer animation, digital file, 16:9

The Rubber Stamp Film

1983, 7 min., 16mm, rubber stamps, watercolor and felt pen on index cards, 16mm, digital file

Pro and Con

1993, 9 min., object animation, cels, drawings on paper, puppets and clay painting, 35mm and digital file

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