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Fleeting Marvels

2022, 04:28, live action and computer animation

Directed and Produced by Joanna Priestley. Designed and edited by Zak Margolis. Music by Seth Norman. Sound Design by Zak Margolis. Videography: Paul Harrod, Joanna Priestley, Lisa Schroeder, Marianne Wilde.

Jung&Restless 9 by Joanna Priestley.jpg

Jung & Restless

2021, 06'06", 2D computer animation, DCP, digital file, 16:9, Dolby Digital

Short of the Year Finalist, Click for Festivals (Madrid, Spain)
USA Film Festival: Finalist (Dallas, TX, USA)
Festivals: Stuttgart International Animation Festival (Germany)
Insomnia International Animation Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)
Tibilsi International Animation Festival (Tibilsi, Georgia)

Jung&Restless 9 by Joanna Priestley.jpg

North of Blue

2018, 60:07, 2D computer animation, DCP, digital file, 16:9, Dolby Digital

Indie Film Awards: Best Experimental Film (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 3-1-20
Los Angeles Animation Festival: Best Feature Film (CA, USA) 12-1-1
Yosemite International Film Festival: Best Animated Film (CA, USA) 11-2-18
Local Sightings Film Festival: Best Sound Design Award and Best Feature Original Score Award, NW Film Forum (Seattle, WA, USA) 9-23-18
European International Film Festival: Finalist (Saint Petersburg, Russia) 5-15-19
Los Angeles CineFest: Semi-finalist (CA, USA) 1-19

Annecy International Animation Festival (World Premiere, France) 6-11+12 +14-18
Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia) 6-17-18
International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR (Poznan, Poland) 7-6 to 20-18
Palm Springs International Animation Festival (CA, USA) 8-25-18
Insomnia Animation Festival (Russia) 7-19-8
Australian International Animation Festival (Brisbane, Australia) 8-4-18
Pixelatl Festival (Cuernavaca, Mexico) 9-4 to 9-18
Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada) 9-27+29-18
Anim’Est International Animation Festival (Bucharest, Romania) 9-28 to 10-7-18
Australian International Animation Festival (Cairns, Queensland) 8-16-18
AnimaSyros International Animation Festival + Agora (Athens, Greece) 9-28-18
ANIMAGE International Animation Festival (Pernambuco, Brasil) 10-12 to 21-18
SPARK Animation 2018 (Vancouver, Canada) 10-18-18
ReAnimania Int. Animation Film & Comics Art Festival (Yerevan, Armenia) 10-31-18
Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival (Portland, OR, USA) 11-4-1
Online Monthly, Semi-Finalist (USA) 11-18
Animae Caribe (Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) 11-23-18
Moscow Animation Marathon Solyanka State Gallery (Moscow, Russia) 11-1 to 5-18
Mostra Internacional Films des Donas de Barcelona (Spain) 12-10-18
VOID International Animation Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark) 1-30-19
Xcèntric Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (Spain) 4-4-19
Athens International Film and Video Festival (OH, USA) 4-3-19
Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (Argentina) 4-3 to 14-19
Stockholm Experimental Animation Film Festival (Sweden) 4-29-19
Square One Conference, Universidad Iberoamericana (Puebla, Mexico) 4-11-19
Chilemonos International Animation Festival (Santiago, Chile) 5-10-19
FILMNORTH Northern BC Film Festival (Houston, BC, Canada) 7-27-19
We Like 'Em Short Film Festival (Baker City, OR, USA) 8-18-19
Fantoche International Animation Festival (Baden, Switzerland) 9-19-19
Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival (Baltimore, MD) 10-4-19
IndieCork Film Festival (Cork, Ireland) 10-13-19
Taichung International Animation Festival (Taichung City, Taiwan) 10-15-19
Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival (Spain) 12-13-19
Santa Cruz International Film Festival (Argentina) 4-18-20
Jaipur Film World (India) 4-25-20
ART Animated, Berkshire Intl. Film Festival + Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival (drive-in screenings, Lenox, MA, USA) 8-20

Stuttgart International Animation Festival (work-in-progress, Germany) 5-3-17
Hollywood Theatre (Portland, OR, USA) 9-21-17
Frame by Frame Conference, DePaul University (Chicago, IL, USA) 5-25-18
Cinémathèque québécoise (Montréal, Canada) 10-2-18
Cineteca nacional (Mexico City, Mexico) 4-16-19
Universidad Santo Tomás (Santiago, Chile) 5-9-19
Brown Center, Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD, USA) 10-3-19

Jung&Restless 9 by Joanna Priestley.jpg

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