Fleeting Marvels

Synopsis: A jubilant look at the art, architecture, mutant vehicles, rituals and rave culture at the 2019 dust festival in the Black Rock Desert. Featuring the Larval Marvel Chorus.

Credits: Directed and Produced by Joanna Priestley. Designed and edited by Zak Margolis. Music by Seth Norman. Sound Design by Zak Margolis. Videography: Paul Harrod, Joanna Priestley, Lisa Schroeder, Marianne Wilde. Additional sound editing by Chris Barber. Larval Marvels: Ken Craigie, Carol Ferch, Sue Gemmell, Nancy Harbick, Paul Harrod, Bryan Harvey, Naomi Harvey, Lennart Huijbers, Kale Lundeen, Wendy Lundeen, Charlene Quaresma, Ruben Rietveld, Trish Rollin, Lisa Schroeder, Laura Stevens, Vic Stevens, Dan Willsie, Marianne Wilde, Dave Wozny. Special thanks: Burning Man Project, Marian Goodell, Paul Harrod, Brian Harvey, Larry Harvey, Naomi Harvey, Vic Stevens.

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