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Jung & Restless

Click here for Jung & Restless website.
I just finished a new animated short film that will be released in 2021. It was a delight to work with three of my favorite people who are long time collaborators. Seth Norman composed and produced the wonderful score, Chris Barber did the elegant sound design and sound effects and Brian Kinkley did the gorgeous compositing. Big thanks to the Playa Foundation, Ford Family Foundation and Clatter and Din sound studio in Seattle for their support.
Below is Missed Aches (below) to make you laugh. Clip on the mandala to see a clip from Jung & Restless.

“Jung & Restless is beautiful and spectacular. The synchrony between the animation and the music and soundtrack is fabulous.” -Marcel Jean, Artistic Director, Annecy International Animation Festival

Synopsis: With lush mandalas and dream images that unearth buried trauma, Jung & Restless dives into the mythopoetic realm. “Life is a short pause between two mysteries.” -C.G. Jung

Credits: Directed, produced and animated by Joanna Priestley. Music composed and produced by Seth Norman. Sound design and sound effects by Chris Barber. Compositing and effects by Brian Kinkley. Thanks: Martha Blake, Paul Harrod and Clatter

and Din. Supported by the Playa Foundation, Ford Family Foundation and Clatter and Din.

North of Blue - Abstract Feature by Joanna Priestley

 “North of Blue is a stunning symphony which speaks to the explorer in us all.”  

-Chris Robinson, Artistic Director, Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada


 "North of Blue is pure creativity. It shows that the ingenuity of the imagination has no limits.”  

-Rodolfo Montserrat, Xcèntric Barcelona, Spain

“North of Blue is beautiful work and a delicate and sophisticated experience.”

-Marcel Jean, Artistic Director, Annecy International Animation Festival, France

"Showcasing what animation can really do when it’s cut loose in the longer form. Bloody great cinema!”

-Malcolm Turner, Director, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia

For info about award winning, abstract feature North of Blue: click here.  

"10 Favorite Portland Movies of the Year": click here.


North of Blue - Awards

  • Indie Film Awards: Best Experimental Film (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 3-1-20

  • Los Angeles Animation Festival: Best Feature Film (USA) 12-1-18

  • ​Yosemite International Film Festival: Best Animated Film 11-2-18

  • Local Sightings Film Festival: Best Sound Design Award and Best Composer Award,

    • Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, USA) 9-23-18

  • European International Film Festival: Finalist (Saint Petersburg, Russia) 5-15-19

  • Los Angeles CineFest: Semi-finalist (USA) 1-19

North of Blue - Festivals

  • Annecy International Animation Festival (World Premiere, France) 6-11-18

  • Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia) 6-17-18

  • Intl. Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR (Poznan, Poland) 7-10-18

  • Palm Springs International Animation Festival (USA) 8-25-18

  • Insomnia Animation Festival (Ukhnov, Russia) 7-19-8

  • Australian International Animation Festival (Brisbane) 8-4-18

  • Pixelatl Festival (Cuernavaca, Mexico) 9-4 to 9-18

  • Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada) 9-27-18

  • Anim’Est International Animation Festival (Bucharest, Romania) 9-28-18

  • Australian International Animation Festival (Cairns, Queensland) 8-16-18

  • AnimaSyros International Animation Festival + Agora (Athens, Greece) 9-28-18

  • ANIMAGE International Animation Festival (Pernambuco, Brasil) 10-12-18

  • SPARK Animation 2018 (Vancouver, Canada) 10-18-18

  • ReAnimania Int. Animation Film & Comics Art Festival (Yerevan, Armenia) 10-31-18

  • Moscow Animation Marathon Solyanka State Gallery (Moscow, Russia) 11-1 to 5-18

  • Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival (Portland, OR, USA) 11-4-18

  • Animae Caribe (Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) 11-23-18

  • Mostra Internacional Films des Donas (Barcelona, Spain) 12-10-18

  • VOID International Animation Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark) 1-30-19

  • Athens International Film and Video Festival (Ohio, USA) 4-3-19

  • Xcèntric Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (Spain) 4-4-19

  • Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (Argentina) 4-12-19

  • Square One Conference, Universidad Iberoamericana (Puebla, Mexico) 4-11-19

  • Stockholm Experimental Animation Film Festival (Sweden) 4-29-19

  • CHILEMONOS International Animation Festival (Santiago, Chile) 5-10-19

  • FILMNORTH Northern BC Film Festival (Houston, BC, Canada) 7-27-19

  • We Like 'Em Short Film Festival (Baker City, OR) 8-18-19

  • Fantoche International Animation Festival (Baden, Switzerland) 9-19-19

  • IndieCork Film Festival (Cork, Ireland) 10-11-19

  • Taichung International Animation Festival (Taichung City, Taiwan) 10-15-19

  • Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival (Baltimore, MD) 10-19-19

  • Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival (Spain) 12-13-19

  • Santa Cruz International Film Festival (Argentina) 4-18-20

  • Jaipur Film World (India) 4-25-20

  • ART Animated 2020 Berkshire Intl. Film Festival + Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival (drive-in screenings, Lenox, MA, USA)

Stills from North of Blue

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