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Voices by Joanna Priestley

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Flying pup links to Joanna Priestly contact page.
Images from North of Blue, abstract feature by Joanna Priestley.

Above: Frames from Voices (1985) and

All My Relations (1990). Right: Frames

from North of Blue (2018).​

Site History

2017 - Present: Created by J. Priestley with Wix.

2009 - 2017: Created by Pregnant Web Goddess Erica Larsen with Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash CS3.

2007 - 2009: Created by J. Priestley with Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash CS3. 

2003 - 2007: Created by fabulous filmmaker Zak Margolis and J. Priestley with Macromedia Flash MX and html. 

1997 - 2003: Created by David White and Al Hooten at Level Seven Communications. Designed by J. Priestley. White and Hooten shot each animated drawing/sculpture with a Kodak DCS 460 digital camera at D/X Photography. Debabelizer was used to size the frames and map them to a custom palette. Sequences were assembled in Macromedia Director and run through Afterburner. They were wonderfully inventive and generous with their time and talents. 

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