Fantoche Expanded: Retrospective Joanna Priestley

Fantoche International Animation Festival, Baden, Switzerland

Thursday, September 5, 2018

Bill Plympton called her “the queen of independent animation”: Joanna Priestley has been animating and producing her own films since 1983 and is virtually peerless in her ability to animate and present aspects of human existence with a heavy dose of irony. This retrospective shows some of her narrative gems and abstract works of art. Curated by Dominique Marconi.

Trailblazing Women of Animation: An Evening with Joanna Priestley

Portland Art Museum, Portland OR

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Starting her career as a film presenter in Central Oregon, Priestley made her first films using rubber stamps and sand before going on to study with legendary experimental animator Jules Engle at Cal Arts. Finding her stride with drawing and computer-based animations, and collaborating with sound artists, she has since become one the world’s most prolific independent animators.

British Film Institute: The Queen of Independent Animation: A Focus on Joanna Priestley

National Film Theatre, London, UK

Thursday, May 11, 2017

With retrospectives, awards and a significant body of work under her belt, Joanna Priestley is a distinctive and pioneering director and producer. Despite extensive international acclaim for her work in short film, her work has been criminally underseen in the UK. We are delighted to present an exclusive look at a dozen of her finest short films spanning over 30 years in the industry including Voices (1985), Pro and Con (1993), Dew Line (2005), Split Ends (2013) and Bottle Neck (2015). The screening will be followed by a rare opportunity to hear from Joanna in person about her career to date and future projects.

Tricky Women Animation Festival: Focus on Joanna Priestley

Metro Kino, Vienna, Austria

Thursday, March 3 and Sunday, March 6, 2016

We are happy to present the oeuvre of an exceptional artist who deftly turns issues such as relationship problems or the different stages in women’s lives into humorous animations. In the first part of the program Joanna Priestley presents some of her narrative works, while the second part is devoted to her abstract films and latest animations.

POW Fest: Guest of Honor - An Evening with Joanna Priestley

Hollywood Theater, Portland, OR

Sunday, March 9, 2014

POWFest is honored to present a retrospective of award-winning filmmaker Joanna Priestley’s films as our closing night engagement on Sunday, March 9th at 7:00 pm. Please join us for a unique evening of animated films and conversation. Reception to follow. Sponsored By: ADi & WIF-PDX.

Voices /1985--4 min., She-Bop / 1988-8 min., All My Relations / 1990--5 min., Surface Dive / 2000—8 min., Utopia Parkway / 1997--5 min., Andaluz /2004--6 min., Streetcar Named Perspire /2007--6.5 min., Dear Pluto /2012--4 min – MOV., Missed Aches /2009--4 min., Dew Line / 2005--4.5 min., Eye Liner /2011--4 min., Split Ends /2013--3.5 min.

An Evening of New Work by Joanna Priestley

Northwest Film Center, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A native of Portland, and globally recognized as one of the premier creators of independent animation art, Joanna Priestley has made 25 films over the past 30 years. Her subjects run the gamut from personal memoir and documentary to poetic adaptation and abstract phantasmagoria. Tonight we present five new films (three world premieres) by award winning independent filmmaker, Joanna Priestley.

World Premieres: Dear Pluto (2012, 4 min.), Choking Hazard (2012, 1 min.), Split Ends (2012, 4 min.), Exposé Slide Show (2012) and Clam Bake (2012, interactive). With recent films: Out of Shape (2011, 1 min.), Eye Liner (2011, 4 min.) and Missed Aches (2009, 4 min.).​

Words Worth a Thousand Pictures: Contemporary Animation About Language

Hollywood Theater, Portland, OR

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The appearance of text in animated films has become more common with the advent of Adobe Flash and After Effects. These computer programs have made it much easier to animate letters and words and to incorporate text with animation. This had been a laborious process that involved animating individual cut out letters or using press type, hand written calligraphy or typewriter text. Both computer animated films and non-computer films will be included in the program.

Joanna Priestley | Fighting Gravity

REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dubbed “the queen of independent animation” by Bill Plympton, Joanna Priestley unveils her new short Missed Aches (2009, 4 min.), a humorous rant about the need for proofreading. This can’t-miss program for animation buffs also includes a series of animated gems representing the range of the artist’s techniques.

Humor vs Abstract - Platform Animation Festival

Brunish Hall. Portland Center for the Performing Arts

Monday, June 25, 2007


"Animated grudge match between two opposing facets of our industry - Humor vs. Abstract. Indie NY filmmaker (and Portland native) Bill Plympton presented some of his favorite humorous cartoons while Portland animator Joanna Priestley countered with her favorite abstract films. The judges? We, the audience, of course. Paul Harrod kept score with a sound meter to measure the audience's applause. In the end, the Abstract program won the crowd. Joanna showed some incredibly strong films, such as Oskar Fischinger's Studie No. 6 and Evelyn Lambart's and McLaren's Begone Dull Care. Bill's selection included his own Guide Dog, as well as Bingo Bongo, by Frederico Vitali and Signe Baumane's Teat Beat, which brought the house down). A fun time was had by all and no better way to end the first evening of the very first PLATFORM festival." - Ward Jenkins, Animation World Network

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