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Escape Velocity and Venus Twist DVDs - Special Digipak (106 minutes) 

Fourteen award winning films, three bonus features and a documentary on how the films were made!


"Captivating work, made even more so by the behind-the-scenes documentary, in which a tour of Priestley's studio is ostensibly meant to demystify her creative process but only serves to deepen your admiration for her craftsmanship and artistry” -Flaunt Magazine


"Creative, dramatic and lovingly crafted. A must see for fans of animation...this fantastic pair of discs easily comes recommended." 

-Randy Miller III, DVDtalk


Thank you for supporting independent animation!

Buy Both DVDs

  • “Joanna Priestley’s amazing body of animated films have deservedly earned their place in the pantheon of contemporary international animators. Inventively visioned, superbly crafted, and rich with insight into the physical and spiritual dilemmas that confront us all, each new work provides an unexpected pleasure.”  -Bill Foster, Director, Northwest Film Center 

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